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Download our Quality Brochure For over thirty years the management of Sperry Automatics Co. has been committed to manufacturing defect-free products for its customers. We are even more committed today to an ongoing Quality Assurance Program. It is a management tool that aids us in the continuing evaluation and improvement of our present processes and in turn, leads us to new procedures and equipment which aids us in being “state of the art” in our industry.

This manual is prepared as a guide for the day to day practices that are used by Sperry Automatics Company to ensure that our quality standards, as well as our customers, are maintained on a continuing basis.

Our manual is a living document. It serves as the cornerstone of Sperry Automatics Company’s ongoing Quality Assurance Program. It is designed to provide both the initial and the ongoing training and guidance of our employees, not only the Quality Assurance, but also in manufacturing. It shall be a basis for the selection of processes, controls, tools, and new equipment suitable to the accomplishments of our goal of providing our customers with defect free products.

It is the intent of Sperry Automatics management to provide customers with a responsive Quality Assurance System. As such, this manual may be subject to change from time to time. An officer of this company or its delegate before implementation must approve these changes or supplementary procedures. Changes will be issued only to holders of controlled copies of this manual.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Sperry Automatics Company to provide defect free goods and services, have a high reliability, and are delivered on time at competitive costs.

It is Sperry Automatics Company’s policy to obtain a clear understanding of each customer’s quality specifications and standards and to assure that appropriate measures are taken to manufacture products which confirm to these standards and economically verify that these standards are being met. We are committed to produce products to a zero-defect level which shall be based on mutually developed engineering, material, and testing standards which reflect customer needs and the statistically measured capabilities of Sperry Automatics’ procedures.

Sperry Automatics recognizes that “zero-defect” requires:
Commitment and leadership of top management, personnel trained and committed to defect prevention methodology, plant equipment and working environment compatible with zero-defect quality, and suppliers who are equally capable and committed to zero-defect quality.